Do you feel unwell but told everything looks normal?

Do you have troubling chronic symptoms?

Uncover the root causes of your health complaints with the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) approach:

Thorough Intake

Advanced Lab Testing


Lauren can help you find your way to wellness.

Seeing clients through online video consultation - No travel necessary!


Meet Lauren, MS, FDN-P

Lauren knows how frustrating it is to feel unwell, but to be told there's nothing to worry about or sent away with medication recommendations that only address the symptoms. Having personal experience with how compromised health can compromise life, and knowing that looking normal doesn’t mean feeling normal, Lauren is passionate about helping other people uncover the hidden causes of their health complaints so that they can start living the lives they know are possible and shift from surviving to thriving.

How FDN Helps

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® follows the principles of Functional Medicine, which seeks to achieve “root cause resolution.” This means we want to know why you have symptoms, not just that you have them. To answer this question a thorough intake is completed and core body systems are evaluated using functional lab work. This process helps identify hidden stressors, seen as “healing opportunities,” that help point you in the direction of better health. By balancing your body, you help build a strong foundation upon which you can thrive.



"More than any other natural health practitioner I’ve worked with, Lauren has helped me understand and heal underlying issues that have affected my health and wellbeing for years. Lauren’s support and gentle approach have encouraged me to commit myself to my health in deeper ways, having an enormously positive impact on my life. Having struggled with her own health concerns, Lauren has great compassion for people who struggle to be well. Her passion for Functional Medicine and the healing of others is clear in the way she listens, supports, and continues to educate herself on the best ways to help her clients. Lauren is a caring, compassionate healer, and a true partner on the journey to greater wellbeing."  

- R.B. from Vermont

"Over the years I have been to a number of doctors for help with my ongoing health issues resulting in little or no change. Lauren helped me finally uncover underlying root causes through the testing she recommended. The suggestions Lauren made to adapt my diet along with supplements has had a powerful affect on my overall health. One hugely positive outcome is that I no longer get regular headaches! Lauren's knowledge and insight along with her calm encouragement guided me to the health changes I had been seeking."

- J.D. from New Hampshire


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